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Full Cycle Learning

Create the complete learning cycle from content creation to the final analysis of results.
No need for any additional tools or technical skills.

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Fit to Your Industry

  • Business Training

  • Recruitment

  • Education

  • Raise your sales

    With Geenio you ensure your sales and customer support staff are top-notch professionals in customer relations management and experts when it comes to your products.

  • Increase your customer loyalty

    Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by educating them about how to use your products to satisfy their needs.

  • Scale your business

    Prepare your business units for scaling up to meet the market demand. With Geenio you can build learning programs for new employee onboarding trainings and upskilling your existing staff.

  • Educate your partners

    Create robust and efficient sales channels faster by educating and certifying your partners to work with your products. Build a winning team by gathering the best partners.

  • Increase hiring efficiency

    Gauge candidates' skills with our online assessment tool. Discover a candidate's competencies and personality profile at a glance.

  • Assess team competencies

    Discover employee’s competency levels. Find strengths and identify knowledge gaps within the company. Create professional grades for staff and design learning programs to increase employee motivation and engagement.

  • Encourage knowledge sharing within the company

    Encourage your employees to share knowledge with one another. The best sources for real-life knowledge about your products are the experts in your company who work with these products.

  • Recognize leaders

    Set individual goals and assign specific tasks taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each team player. Identify high performers and leaders and provide them with opportunities and incentives that contribute to the company’s success.

  • Grow the student base

    Expand your audience across countries and nations. Courses are available for anyone who has the desire to learn and a web browser.

  • Maintain an active, stimulating learning environment

    Invite new students, create groups, assign courses, gather statistics and target courses to build a robust and safe learning environment.

  • Increase the efficiency of your learning process

    Organize courses and gauge knowledge retention after each stage of information. Plan alternative ways to go through the course to improve knowledge retention and ensure maximum effectiveness and engagement.

  • Promote your area of competence

    Accumulate and share knowledge about your niche in the industry and build popularity. Grow your course collection and the volume of content to build a continuous learning stream to maintain the high level of engagement from students and build a professional community.

What They Say

Susan Lamphere

Director of Academic Affairs & Registrar at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio

As a learning management tool, I think Geenio could take online instruction to another level. It’s one more way to spice up boring readings and monotonous forum discussions, and as we are learning, creative design results in higher learning outcomes.

Diane Gantenhammer

Founder of

Geenio is easy to use and very effective. I love how I can create English lessons that adapt to the level of each student. It’s so simple to add graphics, videos and quizzes to keep my students focused. Geenio really is the future of online education.

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