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Geenio Update - User Search, Stats Filters and Lists Export geenio

Winter is coming, and we must make ready. When the cold winds start blowing, nothing beats getting rid of all distractions, wrapping yourself a nice warm plaid and getting busy authoring new courses in Geenio. Since the last update...

10 Practical Tips To Motivate People To Learn corporate-learning

A few months ago I posted a topic called “How do you motivate people to learn?” in Learning, Education, and Training Professionals Group. The thread attracted over a hundred comments, and I thought it would be nice to highlight the most useful tips and summarize them.

Geenio and iSpring: Better E-learning Through Collaboration geenio

Today, staying relevant and effective professionally demands establishing and maintaining contact with one’s colleagues and peers. This is true for both lone wolves and team players alike. Employees must learn to talk to each other, and companies employing them... 

Knowledge Management - Processes, Technologies and Tools knowledge-management

In this article, I would like to tell you about the processes and techniques associated with knowledge management. In addition, we will take a look at tools that are commonly used in organizations where knowledge management is practiced and valued.