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Microlearning in Practical Examples microlearning

It’s official: microlearning has been the hottest new e-Learning trend of 2016. It was the talk of the DevLearn 2016 conference, and the number of articles on the topic published by the leading e-Learning websites is, frankly, a bit frightening...

Geenio Update - Custom Fields geenio

In the latest Geenio update, we delivered a new feature - the ability to add custom fields and attributes to users and groups. If you’ve just gone “Huh? What is that good for?”, that’s all right. The benefits of this function are not immediately evident...

Geenio Update - User Search, Stats Filters and Lists Export geenio

Winter is coming, and we must make ready. When the cold winds start blowing, nothing beats getting rid of all distractions, wrapping yourself a nice warm plaid and getting busy authoring new courses in Geenio. Since the last update...

10 Practical Tips To Motivate People To Learn corporate-learning

A few months ago I posted a topic called “How do you motivate people to learn?” in Learning, Education, and Training Professionals Group. The thread attracted over a hundred comments, and I thought it would be nice to highlight the most useful tips and summarize them.