Geenio Update - User Search, Stats Filters and Lists Export

Jan 19, 2017

Winter is coming, and we must make ready. When the cold winds start blowing, nothing beats getting rid of all distractions, wrapping yourself a nice warm plaid and getting busy authoring new courses in Geenio. Since the last update, we’ve added a number of hot new features to make sure that working in Geenio is more comfortable and productive than ever. Read on to learn all about them!

Improved user search

Sometimes, looking for a specific user account in a Learning Management System is uncomfortably similar to searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if the number of users exceeds a few thousand. It’s nice knowing, for example, the person’s second name to narrow down the search, but such details are not always available. Well, we thought long and hard how to make searching for users handier and came up with a brilliant idea.

Now, whenever you go to the “Team” tab and click the search button, Geenio tries matching your input not only to users’ first and second names, but searches among all other user-filled fields as well. Thus, you can now search for people knowing only their location or occupation. On top of that, besides checking the corresponding fields, Geenio indexes the free-form data in the “About” field as well! Best of all, this happens absolutely transparently from the user’s standpoint. There’s just the one search window. Type in your query, and Geenio takes care of the rest, intelligently searching through all available data to bring you only the freshest and best results.

Filtering and exporting statistics data

We’ve also significantly expanded the ability to work with statistics. Now, almost any band of data can be sorted by a number of different parameters, which opens up a lot of new possibilities and allows you to look at the data from new and unexpected angles. The availability of individual filters depends on the type of data being examined. You will pretty much always be able to filter data by date and by users or groups, but in some cases, additional context-sensitive filters will become available.

This feature should save you a fair chunk of time you used to spend on manually processing statistics. In addition, the filtered data can be immediately exported to a CSV file (XLS) - it will be saved with all chosen filters already applied.

Displaying original-size images

Most often, images added to course pages are made smaller to fit the accompanying text. This is fine when the image is there purely to break up the monotony, less so when it contains important information, as scaling down a graph or a pie chart can make it hard to read. With this in mind, we added the ability to display any image in its original size. If you hover the mouse cursor over an image, you will see a magnifying glass icon. Click it to open the image in its original size  in a new browser tab.

Exporting lists

One of our valued partners asked for an ability to export lists of users and courses. “That’s a  nice idea” was our reply. Now, you can export these lists to CSV files. As a cherry on top, we added the ability to export the list of groups as well.

We hope that these new features will brighten up the long winter evenings. Probably, they will help you to cheer up and to go on with course creation.