Geenio Double Win 2017 for LMS Software

Mar 21, 2017

Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for LMS Software, according to the Finances Online review

Here at Geenio, this year’s spring could not have begun any better. Of course, feeling the first warm sunbeams touch our faces brings us as much joy and excitement as the next person, but this time around we’ve got something very special to warm our hearts. This March, FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and reliable analytical review platforms on today’s B2B market did us the honor of scrutinizing us. We are happy to report that the results of their Geenio review surpassed our expectations and, more importantly, proved that our efforts and unceasing work were not in vain.

Today, we are happy to announce that Geenio has become a two-time winner of the following awards given out by the Finances Online experts: the Rising Star 2017 and The Great User Experience.

The Rising Star award speaks for itself. It is reserved for newcomers to the SaaS market. However, even if a company has not yet gained a sizeable market share, there are a number of strong competitive advantages a company can demonstrate. In case of Geenio, those are good customer traction, frequency and regularity with which updates are published, agile release cycle, and others. All of them serve to help our customers create and develop their landings in the most efficient and timely manner. It brings us much pleasure to learn that Geenio succeeds in this, and that Finances Online thinks so, too.

The Great User Experience Award is given for noticeable and constant progress in quality user experience improvements, and this is also something Geenio excels at. Since the outset, Geenio’s mission was to provide its customers with the most user-friendly and easy-to-use learning platform. Every day our team of professionals does its best to develop everything necessary to make it happen. Adaptive interface design, intuitive layout and technologically advanced support make Geenio stand out from the LMS crowd, and this is also something that the Finances Online experts have acknowledged.

We would like to express our most sincere appreciation to Finances Online for recognizing our hard work and including us among on their list of LMS solutions selected by their experts. Awarded with these prestigious titles, here at Geenio we are more than ever inspired to invest everything in our overarching goal – make the learning process simple and affordable to anyone. We are always on the lookout for new innovative LMS solutions to offer our customers, and we invite everyone to experience our product first-hand and take full advantage of its features.

We are ready to make your learning easier with Geenio. Come and see the award-winning features praised by the Finances Online experts - try Geenio today!