Top 6 eLearning Trends for 2017

May 9, 2017

Every year technological progress accelerates its pace, it is impossible to explore and try all innovative things and ideas by yourself. In this situation one could rely either on friends and colleagues who share interesting information, or on thematic sites, magazines and analytical articles. The purpose of this article is to observe the top E-Learning trends in 2017.

Despite the fact that main trends of the year are successors of 2016, in 2017 they took a new level of development and advanced to the next stage. For this reason, I`d like to share a brief rating post of top 6 eLearning trends worth considering to get prepared to rock in the coming 2017.

Social E-Learning

Social eLearning is a new buzzword starting from the late 2016. For those unfamiliar with it, let’s remind, social eLearning devotes to a process aimed at acquiring new knowledge as well as experience by interacting with your colleagues, friends, conference-members or just with those sharing the same professional interest.

By what means? – Any. Personal talk, live chat, face-to-face meeting, online conference or webinars, social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) discussions can fall into this category.

I agree with experts, socializing your network both personal and professional is great. It opens a door to triggered collaboration and communications (both vertical and horizontal), provides for quicker feedback and facilitates problem solving and result generation processes.


Mobile Learning doesn’t need to be introduced, as the name speaks to itself. None would deny whatever we do and wherever we are, mobile phone are always in our hands providing a constant access to the information at any time. Did you know, according to latest statistics more than 70% of learning content is accessed nowadays through mobile devices. Thus no wonder to me, the mLearning development strategies and solutions will be picking up in popularity for the year to come. That`s why I believe any forward thinking organization should consider applying at least some of the mobile-friendly corporate eLearning programs in elearning course. It`s such a pleasure, when new knowledge can be accessible from any modern gadgets, isn’t it?  

Performance Support Tools

To my personal experience operational challenges are essential part of our daily life. To stay afloat we need to react quickly, promptly and what is more important wisely. For this reason, PSTs are my Number 1 tools on the list of best IT developments of the decade. Haven`t faced this problem before? Have no time to call a consultant? The matter should be solved urgent? Sounds familiar, right? PSTs are the perfect way out. Those aids specially designed to help you on handle any workflow challenge or failure on the fly with minimum time and productivity loss.

Couple them with earlier mentioned mobile eLearning strategies and social learning interactivity or simply embed them into your elearning course and you will let your employee use them on the daily basis and multiply their chances to success.

Virtual Reality 

VR has already transferred our perception to daily reality with the rise of VR gadgets which could be applied in any sphere we touch: real estate, design, architecture, travelling, photography and entertainment. To add to the list, e-learning is predicted to become one of the sizeable parts of the emerging Virtual Reality market nowadays. Did you know, a Goldman Sachs report released last year predicted that there could be a $700 million, 15 million-user e-learning market share of those experimenting with VR technologies by 2025. 

Being integrated into the learning course, virtual reality environment can substantially change the ways learners perceive, analyze and most notably retain the information. Just imagine your training course with all available features of virtual environment or practicing your newly acquired public speaking skills in front of hundred virtual forum audience. Thus, it is truly striking how VR industry can now supplement to e-learning landscape and gift learners with the most engaging and immersive experience they ever had. And I am so much eager to try the one out myself.

Content curation

Curation of learning content is expected to be on an upswing in 2017. You will be surprised to know but all of us every now and then are engaged in content curation process. A quick reminder - content curation is an ongoing process of searching of essential data on the specific topic. To me C.C. is brilliant. Thanks to C.C. I get clean, most detailed, analyzed and personalized information to add it directly to my elearning course. That will make any elearning corporate program more appealing to employees and increase their engagement into learning course.


The widespread use of videos as a content sharing platform is evident. Experts project videos will account for more than 80% of the world internet traffic. Based on my experience, information is better perceived in video or graphical format rather than in a written one. Therefore videofication is introducing a new era of elearning solutions. Thus in 2017 we decided to shift to short descriptive videos, online guide-tours and learning courses while getting prepared for annual meeting or our every day briefings. I`m convinced it will result in higher sharing activity, collaboration, employee interaction and mutual support within an organization. You should definitely go try using some in your work.

As was mentioned above there is little new under the sun. Nevertheless life changes, priorities shift, goals and values can be modernized according to circumstances. That’s why there is always a need to be in the picture of what the latest e-Learning news is and what to expect in foreseeable future. Plan ahead and stay informed with us.