Here is what Geenio team has been up to lately

Dec 10, 2015

We just wanted to let you know that Geenio got a big update last week. We are always carefully gathering feedback to improve our product. This update included several bright ideas suggested by our users.


New friendly design for account management

We’ve improved the first page that you see after creating a Geenio account - the site management page. Now it’s really simple to take the next step to start using Geenio and to extend the limits of your subscription as you need.


Simple Editing Mode

With the new simple editing mode you can start creating your course with even less effort than in the previous version. You can start authoring every new course with a clear linear structure, where all course components go one after another.

When you need to go beyond the simple narrative mode, you can switch your course to the advanced mode in just one click and get all the capabilities of non-linear courses.

The simple mode offers you Page, Lesson and Test as your course components, while the advanced mode also includes Question and feedback connections. Moreover, you can switch back and forth between these modes when the course has only linear elements.


User and Group Management

Now it is even easier to manage course assignments for users and groups. When you add a user to a group, all courses assigned to the group automatically become mandatory for the user.

On the other hand, when you remove a user from a group, there is a choice whether to leave courses assigned to the user, or remove those that were pushed from the group assignments.


More stability and user experience improvements

We created a unified user interface and overall user experience in the Simple and Advanced modes. We improved user experience by editing text elements of the course in various browsers. In addition, we improved license configuration handling, implemented more than 300 other enhancements and fixed some other issues.

Till we meet again!

Geenio Team.