Geenio Authoring Tool: New Background Tool, Color Schemes, Typography and Various Fixes

Dec 10, 2015

Not long ago Geenio LMS and Authoring Tool was updated. In the new version some very useful and important features were added. Some of the new features were requested by users and others were added just to make Geenio even better.

Here is the short list of the changes. Check the details below.

  • Created a Background Tool
  • Introduced Color Schemes
  • Added Typography Options
  • Improved Page Connections
  • Fixed Various Bugs


Background Tool

Adding backgrounds to course pages is a repetitive task when developing a course.  We understand that users want to save time on this routine process, and this is one of the reasons why we decided to create a new user-friendly tool for working with backgrounds. Now we have a special tool for backgrounds that allows users to add background images from their hard drive or from Google Image Search and automatically formats the image to fit the page. This tool also allows users to choose the color of the background from the color palette.



We have added an option to choose fonts for the texts on your pages. There are 16 beautiful fonts that can make your course look unique. The new typography feature allows you to see the changes before applying them to your course.

Color Schemes

Color Schemes is another new feature in our content authoring tools. Color schemes lets you choose a set of colors for the course that will apply to the pages. It’s very user-friendly and intuitive.


Improved Page Connections

We improved the interactions between course pages. Our team of developers made it so easy and aesthetic that there is no need to explain how it works. You just have to try. I think this is the best implementation of this feature I have ever seen in this kind of services. Take my money and give me three!


Fixed Various Bugs

When you are adding and improving existing features as much as we were, you also get to fix a lot of things along the way. In the last few months we fixed various bugs. There is a lot in stability improvement and the new version will bring you a much more positive user experience than before. A lot of small but important things now work better and make us happy. Now, course authors can focus on content creation without wasting time on disturbing issues and bugs.

The latest version of Geenio is available for a free trial on our web-site.

If you have some ideas about how to improve our product or features that you desire to see in Geenio, feel free to contact us.