Geenio @ DevLearn 2014

Dec 9, 2015

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Days leading up to Halloween 2014, a conference took place in fabulous Las Vegas called “DevLearn”, the world’s biggest e-learning event produced by the eLearning Guild. 

The Geenio team was on board for the conference as well as the expo for the third consecutive year and the second time as an exhibitor and a sponsor.

It was an honor to participate in DevLearn to connect with the community and learn the newest trends and challenges of the industry. It was also a chance for us to talk to our customers directly and receive direct feedback firsthand.

In addition, we offered a free trial account of Geenio to all attendees.


“Full Cycle Learning Tool” – What does that exactly mean?

This short phrase formulated for Geenio’s key target immediately raised questions for many visitors to our booth.

But the answer is not hard to figure out: with Geenio you can implement online training within your company from scratch without requiring any other tools.

Geenio allows you to create non-linear courses that adjust to a user experience right in your browser:

These courses may have various multimedia pages or lessons to facilitate sharing author’s knowledge:

Tests and questions are also the part of your course that help to control the results of knowledge transfer throughout the course: 

The LMS part of Geenio provides the capabilities for transparent course assignments: 

As a result, you can find an employee’s strengths and knowledge gaps and help your employees to achieve a level of competence and be successful in their jobs: 


A demonstration of these capabilities convinced our visitors to go ahead and try the full Geenio version available at our website

Dev Learn 2014 Results 

With that said, we succeeded in our goal to introduce our product to a broad audience.

Additionally –  as a bonus – we found several potential businesses and technology partners with the idea that we’d work together to help our customers be successful in the e-learning industry, whether or not they are Instructional Designers or SMEs. 

Does what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas? OK, well, we broke the rules and remembered all those productive conversations and interesting interlocutors. And we’ll be back in 2015 with more features that our customers want. 

But, you don’t need to wait till 2015 to check out our free trial version and watch the short video. Kudos to Dev Learn 2014!

See you soon!