Geenio @ eLearning Elements 2014

Dec 10, 2015

The annual e-learning conference eLearning Elements 2014 was held in Moscow, May 28th - 29th. The conference hosted by E-Learning Center, one of the biggest players at Russian e-learning market gathered together best education professionals, specialised software vendors and companies that looked for improvement in their learning processes.

The conference had the round table format where attendees could discuss the broad range of industry issues starting from “Selling the idea of e-learning to top managers” and ending with “Freud’s Elearning”. A distinguished part of all conversations was dedicated to gamification, the motive of which sounded in discussions that were not related to it even remotely.

A new product - Geenio - was presented to the Russian market. The Geenio’s booth was very popular among attendees who demonstrated a live interest in the product and provided a lot of valuable feedback.
Guests of Geenio’s booth were impressed by the lightweight and intuitive user interface, that allowed to create non-linear interactive courses with several drag-n-drops. No one could believe that it was really possible to create a branched course right in the browser without a single line of code.

It is safe to say that Russian market needs an easy to use and still fully functional software. Moreover, many attendees said they needed a competence management mechanism built in the LMS. This would help to standardise employees’ education and guarantee the consistent result of trainings.

Geenio team plans to participate other e-learning events and communicate with companies that run the e-learning project to understand their needs and demonstrate the newest industry trends implemented in the product.