Geenio Smells Like SCORM Spirit

Dec 10, 2015

Great news everyone! Last week we published a new Geenio release. We delivered a number of improvements to the look and feel of the product, as well as implemented new functionality we are sure you all will love. Curious about the details? Read on!

Hybrid Courses With SCORM Support

The ability to create hybrid courses is the most important feature added in this release. We received a lot of feedback requesting the ability to import courses created with the help of other authoring tools. The importance of this feature for those who had dozens - or hundreds - of courses already created in a variety of other course building applications was fully understood. Well, you asked and we delivered.

In fact, we decided to do you one better. Besides merely importing SCORM-based courses, Geenio now enables you to add new learning objects to those courses with the help of our authoring tool. In other words, you you can now import an existing course to Geenio, and then expand it by adding pages, lessons, or tests, thus creating a hybrid course, consisting of both SCORM packages and Geenio objects. Enjoy!

Statistics Expanded

We added a summary page at the end of every test. When a user completes a test, they are shown their result, as well as the number of errors they made, the date they took the test, and how much time they spent on it. They can also see the list of all answers they provided, with each one marked as either correct or false. This information is available independently for every attempt the user makes, enabling them to accurately track their progress.

In addition, we implemented global site statistics. Those provide such information as the number of published courses for a given period and the number of created users, as well as data pertaining to their levels of activity within the system and average test result values.

Course Copying

Simplifying workflows to save your time is one of our top priorities, and with that in mind, we added the ability to copy existing courses in Geenio update 1.3. This functionality saves you time by enabling you to simply copy an existing course and make changes to it instead of building a new one from scratch.

New Course Management Options

We added a handy navigation tool letting the user go to any page of the course they have already seen. We also implemented the ability to limit the time allowed for completing a course - whenever a course is assigned to a user, you can set a due date, by which the course must be completed. If the course is not completed by the due date, the user can no longer take it.

Authoring Tool Improvements

Needless to say, we could not have rolled out the update without a few tweaks to our indispensable authoring tool. Our developers improved working with text and headers, and fixed many bugs that got in the way of the creative process of making courses. We also reviewed and expanded the list of possible font sizes. But the most pleasant surprise, no doubt, is the newly introduced ability to align different objects with each other, as well as aligning objects to grid. We know that you want your courses to look nice and orderly, and this new functionality enables you to make sure every object is in its place quickly and easily. Give ‘er a try - we are sure you will love it.

Despite the number of improvements we have delivered in this update, here at Geenio we never stop innovating. You can look forward to many new and exciting features in the future. Is there anything in particular you would like to see implemented in Geenio? Let us know, and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

All the best, and stay tuned. :)

The Geenio team