Geenio Update - Tutorials, Page Templates and Knowledge Base

Dec 9, 2015

Great news everyone! This Geenio update is shaping up to be the grandest and most ambitious Geenio update yet. We have delivered a number of improvements in terms of both improving the product functionality and overhauling the supporting infrastructure. We spent a lot of time making Geenio better for you, so let me tell you all about the hottest and most important improvements and new features - I promise it won’t take long. Are you sitting comfortably? Here goes.

Social Media Authentication

This is sure to bring a smile to your face if you hate going through the registration process for every new service you plan to use. To help you get started using Geenio in a breeze, we implemented social media authentication in this update. You can log in to Geenio using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ account. On top of that, even if you first log in using your Facebook account, then your LinkedIn profile, and then change your mind and decide to create a separate Geenio account as well, your other accounts, including everything you’ve created so far will be seamlessly merged into a single one with no effort required from your side.

Boot Camp

New users will find that learning Geenio a fun and easy activity with the help of our introductory guides. They explain the fundamental Geenio concepts and functionality, and get you up to speed in a matter of minutes. On top of that, the boot camp features video tutorials you can watch, as well as a practice course, complete with real-life examples of Geenio use. To further your understanding of the way Geenio courses are constructed, you can view the structure of the introductory course in the Pathboard mode, and use it as the basis for your own courses. And if that’s not enough, we can offer you to peruse our step-by-step tutorial, which explains Geenio concepts in-depth and enables you to really make the most of the functionality the service offers. Still not satisfied? Got a question we haven’t covered (yet)? There’s a button that lets you ask any questions about Geenio you may have. Go nuts.

Page Layout Templates

The new and improved course editor in Geenio features pre-made page templates you can use while creating your courses. Instead of manually arranging text and graphic elements on the page, you can pick one of our templates and immediately get to typing in text and picking the right images to put in. Our templates are “smart” - that is, smart enough to change color along with the rest of your course if you decide to go with a different color scheme.

Using templates saves you time and conserves your efforts by enabling you to crank out course pages quickly. If you do not particularly care about the layout, or are too finicky to settle on which of your own designs you like the most, use a template and get to filling your page with content straight away.

Knowledge Base

We’ve been toiling hard for months, eager to bring you the best Knowledge Base there is - and finally, our efforts are finished! The Geenio KB is live, and it offers you a treasure trove of information on Geenio and all of its functionality. You no longer need to sift for nuggets of valuable info - everything is neat, and ordered, and easily accessible in the Geenio KB. In it you will find guides, and tutorials, and videos to help you understand the way Geenio works and make you productive in no time. But we don’t plan to rest on our laurels, no sir! The KB will be expanding in step with the platform itself, and we would love to hear your feedback to make it even better.

Recently Used Images and Videos

When creating courses, you often run into the situation where you replace an image with a different one, one that better fits a particular page, but would like to keep the original image to reuse later. Many other course authoring solutions have you re-upload the image; not so with Geenio. When adding an image to a page, you can click the “Recently Used Images” button (it’s right there under the “Find in Google" one) to see every image you ever used during the history of your account’s existence. Moreover, you can filter the list according to one of the available criteria with a click of a button. The same principle applies to adding videos to your course as well.


Course Completion Report

Having finished an important task, it is natural to want to receive feedback on how well the job was done. Unsurprisingly, your students are people too! They also want to know about whether they’ve been successful, in what areas they are strong, and in what areas they could use more work. Starting with this Geenio update, after a student completes a course, he or she is presented with a comprehensive report page giving detailed information on how well they did. The report lists, among other things, the overall result for passing the course, how much time it took the student to pass it, what new skills they acquired, and also how well the student understands specific individual topics touched upon in the course. 

We hope that these new features will prove useful to you. Give them a spin, and let us know what you think!

See you soon,

Geenio Team.