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6 Tips for Successful Gamification in E-Learning gamification

While working on Geenio, we were surprised to find that the document specifying the functional requirements of gamification proved to be the source of hottest debate in the company. We had to rewrite it from scratch five times before we had something on our hands we all could agree on...

Here is what Geenio team has been up to lately geenio

We just wanted to let you know that Geenio got a big update last week. We are always carefully gathering feedback to improve our product. This update included several bright ideas suggested by our users...

How to create learning paths with Geenio geenio

Learning path can be adjusted in three ways:The right or wrong answer to the questionSuccessful completion or failure of the testAdding interactive transmissions to the objects on the page...

Geenio Authoring Tool: New Background Tool, Color Schemes, Typography and Various Fixes geenio

Not long ago Geenio LMS and Authoring Tool was updated. In the new version some very useful and important features were added. Some of the new features were requested by users and others were added just to make Geenio even better.