Homework is a great tool to introduce hands-on practice tasks into your courses. Unlike tests, homework requires students to write a text or upload a file to be evaluated by the teacher. Depending on the results of the evaluation, students proceed along either the "pass" or "fail" paths.


Create Homework

In order to add Homework to your course, simply drag the corresponding element onto the course schema panel.

Like the Test element, the Homework has two connections - Pass and Fail:

To customize a Homework element, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Homework name - the title of the homework task that will appear on the course schema, in email notifications, and in various reports.
  • Annotation - a brief summary of the homework that also appears in email notifications.
  • Content - the description of the task, which will be displayed to students once they reach the Homework element in the course.
  • Upload - files containing additional material can be attached to the homework assignments.

You can also add experts who will have access to the results submitted by students for evaluation:

The list can be modified at any time:

On this screen you can also modify the following parameters:

  • Completing period - how much time the student has to complete the homework. The timer begins to count down once he or she presses the "Start" button. If the homework assignment is not submitted on time, it is automatically marked as "failed".
  • The format of assessment - the way you would like the homework to be graded (either Pass/Fail or a score from 1 to 100).

Once you finish customizing a Homework element, you can connect it to other course elements using Pass and Fail connectors, and also preview how the assignment would look from the point of view of a student.

Preview Homework

In the preview mode you see the Homework element as it appears to students, with one small caveat - you can immediately "pass" or "fail" the assignment in order to proceed with the course:


The Homework Workflow

Students, when interacting with the Homework element, can submit their results via a simple form:

Then, the assigned experts or the course authors have to manually check the results in Courses > Course > Homeworks page:

They can either send the assignment back for rework with a comment:

Or grade it:

Unless the "Do not accept appeal" checkbox is checked, the student will be able to make another pass at completing the assignment by uploading new files to be checked and graded.

Otherwise the grade is considered final, and the student will proceed along either the "pass" or "fail" path, depending on the result:

Email Notifications

When you assign experts responsible for checking the homework assignments, they receive the following email notification:

And when a student submits a new assignment for grading, an email notification like this one arrives in the expert's mailbox:

Finally, when the expert comments on or grades the assignment, the following message is sent to the student: