Statistics and reports


1. Course Completion Report

 After a learner completes a course, they want to know how well they did. The course completion report provides a comprehensive summary of the most important statistics related to the learner's result.

2. Monitoring the learners' activity

When you manage a large number of learners, it is important to keep on top of things. Has a particular learner completed the course you assigned to them yesterday? Did the new hire create an account? Every time you go look it up, it's thirty seconds wasted. Luckily, the Geenio activity tracker has got you covered. it provides bite-sized updates about important events.

3. View Course Statistics

This article helps you to analyse the efficiency of a course using built-in statistics module.

4. View Group Statistics

This article helps you to estimate how diligent and competent are students in a group, find the knowledge gaps and strong sides with the use of Group Statistics.

5. View Site Statistics

Manage your company education process with the precise and comprehensive Site Statistics functionality, explained in this article.

6. View User Statistics

User Statistics, described in this article, helps you to see the progress of every user at a glance. With this report on your hands you will be able to help your students be even more successful by providing targeted learning materials.

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