Before you can start building courses, you need to sign up for a subscription by creating a site. A site in Geenio is a separate instance, containing users, groups, and courses. A single Geenio account can have one or multiple sites associated with it.


To create a subscription, you need to have created a Geenio account first.

To create a subscription, log in to your Geenio account and click Create New Site:

On the next screen, type in the site name and the domain name that will be used by your subscription:

The site name is visible only to you, and is used to tell sites apart. If you plan on having many sites on your account, make sure to give them descriptive names. The domain name gives your Geenio account a unique web address. For example, if you specify "johnselearning" as the domain name, both you and your learners will be able to log in to your respective accounts by browsing, as well as Keep in mind that you can change the site name, but not the domain name, so choose carefully.

Once you are happy with your site and domain names, click Continue to proceed. Now it is time to set up your plan:

A plan is a combination of features available to your account and the resource limits imposed upon it. Some plans are free, and some are paid. Paid plans offer more features and higher resource limits than free ones. Plans are set up individually for every site on your account. Take a look at the plans offered and select the one that best suits your requirements and budget. You will also need to choose the subscription period - those start from just one month. Subscribing for a longer period gives you a discount.

If you are starting out with Geenio, you can base your subscription on the Instructor plan. The Instructor plan is free, but comes with the minimum number of features and puts a severe limit on the number of users and courses you can create. However, it is sufficient to familiarize yourself with Geenio. A Geenio account can have no more than a single subscription based on the Instructor plan associated with it. If you decide to continue using Geenio, you can upgrade your subscription by switching it to a paid plan at a later date.

If you have a coupon code it is the right time to get a discount. Just click Have a coupon and enter the code in the new window:

Once you have chosen the plan and the subscription period, click Continue. You will be taken to the Geenio secure payment page:

Provide your payment information and click Continue. To confirm the payment, type in your password, select the "I agree with Terms and Conditions of service" checkbox, and click Continue again. The payment will be taken and your subscription will be created in a matter of a few seconds:


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