Question course elements can be used to connect other course elements, such as pages or lessons. By default, there is no ability to insert a question in the middle of a video. If the author of the course wants to do so, there is a workaround they can use.

To insert a question in the middle of a video, do the following:

  1. Open the course for editing and switch to Extended mode.

  2. Create two pages:


  3. Add the video to the first page and adjust the size and position if needed:


  4. Click the Select Interval button and select the time frame within the video which should be displayed to your students on this very page.

    Let's say we want to show first 39 seconds on the first page and the rest - on the second:

  5. Apply changes and go to the second page.


  6. Add video to the second page and select the remaining interval. That is, we need the page to show the video starting from 39 seconds up to the end:


    Use Recently Used Videos to re-use the video instead of uploading the new one.


  7. Create and configure the question:


  8. Add a default connection from the page containing the first part of the video to the question. Set up the success and failure transitions.

Once you are done, your course schema will look like this:

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