If you have a question about the product, require technical assistance, or would like to offer a suggestion, we recommend you to open a ticket.

To open a ticket, log in to Geenio, open your site, go to the Help tab, and click Have any questions? Select the item that best corresponds to the nature of your enquiry from the drop-down menu, enter your message in the field below, and click Send.

Once your ticket has been created, one of our support representatives will reply to it shortly.


To view your tickets, log in to Geenio and go to the My Cases tab. Here you can see all the tickets you have placed, manage them, and read replies from the Geenio support team.

Below the ticket's title, you can see its current status, ticket ID, and the date the ticket was placed.

You can perform the following operations with support tickets:

  • To read the ticket history, click the  symbol.
  • To reply to a ticket, click Add Comment.
  • If you require an urgent response to your ticket, click Escalate.
  • Once you are satisfied with the ticket's resolution, click Close Case to close the ticket.

You can also click Open Case to place a new ticket.

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